PQIA issues a Consumer Alert on HeatWave Universal Summer Coolant

Results in on Three Coolant Samples; One Raises Eyebrows

While the PQIA examined two brands of coolant and found no issues, one product on the store shelves set off alarms. The product is labeled as “HeatWave Universal Summer Coolant.”





HeatWave Universal Summer Coolant

Test results show that HeatWave Universal Summer Coolant will not protect an engine from freeze damage at temperatures below 27°F and will not provide adequate boil-over protection due to its low (8%) concentration of ethylene glycol. Although the product makes no ASTM or freeze point claims, a prediluted ethylene glycol base coolant formulated to meet ASTM D-3306* (which is an industry standard) contains 50% ethylene glycol which protects down to -33.5°F.
In addition to freeze point, there are other issues of concern. Click Here for More

Two Coolant Samples with No Issues

The freeze point of samples tested for the brands shown below meet the products’ labeled claims and based on the tests conducted, there are no issues with the quality of the products.


Durex5050AntifreezeCoolantGreenFrontThumb Pride5050AntifreezeThumb


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