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PQIA Test Results in on two motor oils formulated for classic and muscle cars, and one with POE-PAO baseoil

The following are test results on two samples of motor oil formulated for use in classic cars, muscle cars and other older model vehicles with engines that have flat tappet cams, lifters & pushrods. These products contain higher levels of the antiwear additive ZDDP than that in motor oils formulated for use in most cars currently on the road. For more about such motor oils, see PQIA article, Motor Oils for Classic and Vintage Cars.

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PETROLEUM QUALITY INSTITUTE OF AMERICA SAMPLE SUMMARY/PASSENGER CAR MOTOR OIL Passenger car motor oil is the lifeblood of your engine. In addition to lubricating moving

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PETROLEUM QUALITY INSTITUTE OF AMERICA SAMPLE SUMMARY FOR ANTIFREEZE & COOLANT Antifreeze/coolant is critical for protecting engines. The primary

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