PQIA on GMA – Good Morning America – Read the Labels!

Good Morning America “GMA” ran a story today about Dollar General (DG) Stores Facing Multiple Lawsuits Over Allegedly “Obsolete” Motor Oils. 

GMA went undercover to four of DG’s New Jersey outlets to take a look at the motor oils on the shelves. They were accompanied by Tom Glenn, president of the Petroleum Quality Institute of America, which tests motor oils for compliance with industry standards. In addition, GMA and PQIA visited other retail stores in the area to see what motor oils they had on the shelves. What we found was eye opening.

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This is a must view news piece, especially considering that California, effective January 1, 2016, has banned obsolete motor oils for sale in the State. Considering the preponderance of obsolete motor oils PQIA observes on the shelves in other states across America, the GMA story shines a bright light an issue all consumers should be aware of.


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