PQIA is pleased to report that RelaDyne has taken swift action to recall defective motor oil sold in quart bottles under the “Bullet” brand name.

On March 27, PQIA issued a Consumer Alert on Bullet 5W-30 motor oil when test results showed the product PQIA sampled did not meet the requirements of the obsolete SC/CC specification it claims, or any other industry recognized specification for motor oils. Further, the extremely low viscosity of the product tested, together with the lack of vital additives, would likely result in damage to automobile engines.bulletsmal[2]

Bullet motor oil is distributed by Oil Distributing Co, Cincinnati, OH (a Reladyne company)

RelaDyne was quick to respond

PQIA received a call from Tony Garera, Director of Supply Chain for Oil Distributing Co, within a few hours of the announced Consumer Alert on Bullet. Garera assured PQIA they were looking into it and would take action.

Action Taken

On March 28, Garera contacted PQIA to advise that they identified the products affected and were issuing a Product Recall. The recall is on Bullet 5W-20, 5W-30, 10W-30, 10W-40 grades. “The product involved in the recall is identified with RED caps, (black caps are not affected). if these cases do not have red strips then they are recalled.”

In addition, Larry Stoddard, the CEO of RelaDyne contacted PQIA today with the the following comments:

“Last year we had two suppliers of this product. We source this and do not blend it ourselves. We were given written confirmations of the specifications it was to meet. The particular manufacturer of this recalled product in no longer in business and we purchased product from them only for a very brief time. We have identified all of the product that was sold and to what customers. We believe it is less than 150 cases. We have contacted each customer, instructed them to pull the product off the shelf, and we are currently in the process of replacing it with product that meets the specifications as claimed on the packaging.

This product was sold exclusively to the C-store market and not to lubricant professionals. It was sold and positioned only as an entry level, lowest price point product, and one that does not meet todays’ specifications for the customer looking for that level of product. Additionally it was only sold in our Cincinnati primary area of responsibility.

We are extremely serious and committed to providing the best products and services to our customers in all markets that we serve. This was an isolated and unfortunate occurrence in which we have taken every reasonable step to rectify.”

Larry J. Stoddard
Chief Executive Officer


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