Silogram – Trouble in the Drum

silo234[1]In response to numerous calls received on the PQIA HOTLINE coming from the NY metro area where Silogram is sold, the Petroleum Quality Institute of America arranged for the purchase of Silogram 5W-30 API SN, GF-5 motor oil in drums, and we cracked the bung to see what was inside. In doing so, we understand why buyers were concerned.

The product tested did not meet the labeled requirements, and because of this, we are issuing a Consumer Alert on Silogram 5W-30 motor oil. Understanding, however, that consumers rarely purchase motor oils in drums, this alert is directed at automotive repair garages, fast lubes, and other installers in the New York metro area where this product is sold.

The label on this drum claims the oil is an SAE 5W-30 meeting the API SN and ILSAC GF-5 specifications. PQIA’s analysis on this drum sample, however, showed the oil is not a 5W-30, but in fact is a 15W or 20W-30. In addition, the test results show the oil contains more than twice the maximum limit of phosphorus allowed by the API and ILSAC specifications, and the TBN is well below the range typically seen in SN/GF-5 oils. The high level of silicon is also concerning and may be indicative of abrasive contamination. Because of the high CCS viscosity, this oil may cause harm to engines operating at low temperatures where a 5W-30 oil is required. CLICK FOR DETAILS

It should be noted that Silogram had other serious quality issues which resulted in the company filing suit against its alleged supplier, Everclear of Ohio, LTD. The label on the Silogram product tested by PQIA, however, showed it was filled 10/2012, well after the suit was filed.


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