Results in on more D.C. Samples

Although PQIA’s sampling of products purchased in the Washington D.C. area this year revealed reasons for concern, the good news is that there were a number of brands tested that had no issues.  Four more brands in this group are shown below.

In addition, PQIA tested another motor oil with an API SA Service Classification. This is an obsolete Service Classification, and according to API, “Not suitable for use in gasoline-powered automobile engines built after 1930. Use in more modern engines may cause unsatisfactory performance or equipment harm.”

Whereas there is certainly reason for concern if a consumer inadvertently purchases and uses an API SA motor oil in virtually any car currently on the road, the back label on the product tested does caution consumers accordingly about its limited use and potential to harm equipment. This underscores the importance that consumers read the labels on motor oils before they buy.


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