Test Results on Four Obsolete Motor Oil From Florida

Results on Four More Samples From Florida

In November 2015, PQIA reported on five brands of obsolete motor oils frequently seen on retail shelves in Florida. These brands include Xcel, Easylube, 3X, VTech, and Thunder.

The majority of the motor oils PQIA observed at convenience stores visited in Florida were only labeled with obsolete API SA, SB, SC, and SG Service Categories.  To put this in perspective, these motor oils were made for use in cars built prior to 1930, 1951, 1967, and 1993, respectively. According to the API these are obsolete and not suitable for engines built after these model years.  Some, in fact, may cause harm to modern engines.

Whereas we previously reported on the test results for samples of  Xcel and 3X, click below for the test results on the Easylube, VTech and Thunder products purchased in Florida.



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