Four More From Chicago – Three Good, One Bad

Whereas PQIA’s recent round of sampling in the Chicago market found a number of motor oils that looked good (and there are more to report on), we also found another bad apple on the shelves. And that bad apple is Everclear.

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The Everclear motor oil brand is not new to the PQIA list of products that consumers should steer clear of. In fact, PQIA has issued Consumer Alerts on Everclear lubricants on 10 different occasions, starting in 2011. In addition, the Department of Consumer Affairs in two states, Georgia and North Carolina, have ordered Everclear off the shelves.

everclear5w30numfrontfinishedThe Everclear product PQIA recently purchased in the Chicago area displays 5-30 Motor Oil on the front label. Whereas a reasonable person would likely interpret this to mean it’s an SAE 5W-30 viscosity grade, the back label goes on to say, “5-30 means the viscosity ranges from 5 to 30.” With that said, it’s clear that the manufacturer is not stating what the viscosity of the oil is other than it ranges from 5 to 30 something, as no units are specified. For these reasons alone, PQIA advises consumers to not buy this product.

Adding to this, the results of the tests conducted on this sample DO NOT meet the SAE J300 specifications for a 5W-30. The Low-Temperature Cranking Viscosity is 260% higher than the maximum viscosity specification for this SAE grade. Further, the organometallic additive levels in this sample indicate the product is NOT suitable for use in the majority of automobile engines currently on the road. The metal analysis results for this sample indicate the product may be contaminated with used oil and abrasive material. Use of this product in modern automobile engines will likely cause harm to the engine.

This is the tenth time PQIA has issued Consumer Alerts on lubricants marketed under the Everclear brand. This product has been ordered off the shelves in the states of Georgia and North Carolina.

So Buyer Beware!

In addition to the REV360 and Super XXX Platinum motor oils sited below, add Everclear to the list of motor oils to stay away from when shopping in Illinois and elsewhere. Stay tuned… there is more to come about the good and bad PQIA found on the shelves in Illinois.

 rev3605w30frontfinished  rev36010w30frontfinished  superxxxplatinum5w30frontfinished

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MARCH 1, 2016

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