Smitty’s Supply to Pay $755,155 in Consumer Protection Settlement

The Orange County District Attorney’s Office has obtained a consumer protection settlement against a Louisiana Company, Smitty’s Supply, Inc. 

Based on random product testing conducted by the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA), Division of Measurement Standards (DMS) that began in 2012, it was determined that samples of Smitty’s Custom Plus™ Motor Oil products sold within the State of California “did not meet the specifications represented on the label.”

The Final Judgement states that “There were several violations for selling, or offering for sale, petroleum or automotive products of a different grade than represented on the label and adulterated or mislabeled product that does not meet the latest automotive manufacturer’s recommended requirements as indicated on the label.”

The total settlement was in the amount of $751,155. This includes civil penalties of $555,000, investigative and other costs of $196,155.

In addition to the $751,155, the Final Judgment and Permanent Injunction requires Smitty’s to develop and implement a quality assurance program to ensure that the lubricants it sells or distributes in the state of California comply with industry standards and all state and federal laws. The QA program must also include that Smitty’s places a traceable date and batch number of every product to assure that the quantity and location of products sold or distributed in California can be traced.

Importantly, the quality assurance program must also be maintained in writing and explained to Smitty’s employees involved in the management, blending, testing, packaging, transportation and others involved with its lubricant products. Further, they must acknowledge, by signature, that they will abide by the QA program requirements.

Click for Details: Settlement – Smitty’s Supply, Inc., dba Smitty’s, a Louisiana Company


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