Four More Motor Oils Tested: No Issues

The results of the tests conducted on samples of the brands below meet the SAE J300 specifications for the SAE Viscosity Grade listed on the product label, and are consistent with the listed API Service Categories.

SAE 10W-40

SAE 5W-30

SAE 5W-20

Kendall10W30ThumbFront Pennzoil_10W40 getGo5W30FrontThumb MasterProTech5W20FrontThumb

Quality Begins with Education

Understanding the differences in lubricants starts with an understanding of the specifications that define their performance and that these specifications have evolved over time. As a result, some are now obsolete and others are close to becoming so. Importantly, however, although considered obsolete by the lubricants industry, products that only meet obsolete specifications and can cause harm to virtually any vehicle currently on the road, can still be found on retail shelves.

In an effort to help consumers identify such products, PQIA created the handy guides below for gas and diesel engine oils, and transmission fluids. Consumers are advised to use these resources when purchasing oil and to always refer to the vehicles manufacturer’s recommendations (typically in the owner’s manual) for the appropriate API Service Category, Viscosity Grade and/or manufacturer specifications required for the vehicle. And be sure to look for the required specifications on the label of the products you purchase. CLICK FOR MORE

Tractor Hydraulic Fluid Timeline

Originally published by the Petroleum Quality Institute of America on November 28, 2017

The Petroleum Quality Institute of America (PQIA) received a considerable amount of feedback when we reported in our November 17th issue that the Missouri Department of Agriculture (MDA) removed “303” tractor hydraulic fluid (THF) from sale in the state. Nearly all who contacted PQIA expressed support of the MDA’s decision and many feel this action should be implemented by other states in an effort to help protect farmers’ equipment and level the playing field for marketers and retailers to compete. Another issue that surfaced from the feedback PQIA receive is that many in- and outside of the lubricants business will benefit from a simple to understand chart illustrating the timeline for John Deere THF specifications and where “303” fluids fit in. In response, PQIA created the reference guide shown below. CLICK FOR MORE


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