Results for a Second Group of CK-4 HDEO – No Issues

Results for a Second Group of CK-4s are in

In addition to PQIA’s ongoing effort to provide consumers with information about the quality of lubricants in the market, we present our readers with information and insights about trends and changes in the industry that can sometimes be seen in the data from the samples PQIA examines. Recently, as an example, we reported preliminary trends for passenger car engine oils as we moved from API SN to API SN Plus (see “Get ready for SN Plus“). The PQIA will provide a similar analysis of the trends and data for the new CK-4 heavy duty engine oils (HDEO) as we build on the number of samples in the PQIA database. The other CK-4 HDEO products in the PQIA database include Duragard Diamond Plate, Kendall Super-D XA, and Valvoline Premium Blue.

The results of a second group of brands are now in. The data and assessments for these brands can be seen by clicking on the images of the products below. The test results for each of these brands all meet the SAE J300 specifications for the SAE Viscosity Grade listed on the product labels, and are consistent with the listed API Service Categories.

ChevronDelo400SDE15W40 MobilDelvac130015W40 PCDuron15W40 ShellRotellaT415W40 ValvolineHDD15W40

Click to view the above five samples side-by-side.

PQIA BULLETIN #08-21-2018-B1
August 21, 2018

There has been a significant amount of talk about “303” tractor hydraulic fluid (THF) over the past year, and for good reason. This is because although THFs labeled as 303 have commonly been seen in the market for decades, and for some considered the product of choice due to price, three states (including Missouri, Georgia, and most recently North Carolina), have issued stop-sale orders for tractor hydraulic fluid labeled, claimed or implied as meeting THF 303. The reasons for the orders are that there are no known specifications available for such fluids, the designation was discontinued in 1974 and subsequently replaced with the current JDM-J20C specification. And in the words of Stephen Benjamin, director, Standards Division with the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, “the lack of any specifications does not provide the purchaser with information for its intended use, nor the ability to test the product for meeting those specifications.” CLICK FOR FULL BULLETIN


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