Five ATFs Examined – PQIA Issues an Advisory one, and Shines a Light on Exemplary Labeling for Another

Five ATFs Examined - PQIA Issues one Advisory

The PQIA recently examined four automatic transmission fluids (ATF) labeled to meet the requirements for DEXRON®-III/MERCON® specifications and one ATF labeled to meet the DEXRON®-III specification. Although the results of the tests conducted on samples of four brands are consistent with their labeled claims, PQIA issues an advisory on one brand because it does not meet the specifications for Brookfield viscosity.

The results of the tests conducted on the samples below are consistent with their labeled claims

Circle K





An Example of Exemplary Labeling

Whereas some of the lubricants PQIA examines have issues and some of these issues are serious enough to cause equipment harm, it should be noted that the results of the tests conducted on the majority of brands PQIA looks at are consistent with their labeled claims. In addition, most products also have labels that provide consumers with the information they need to make an informed buying decision to help assure the products they purchase are appropriate for use in their vehicle. With that, PQIA shines a light on one brand in the group with exemplary labeling.

Exemplary labeling

The Petroleum Quality Institute of America points out the back label on GTC ATF as an example of how a marketer can and should provide consumers with proper guidance about applications where the product can be used and where it should not be used. The PQIA encourages such labeling, especially when ATF products include such language as “Multi-Purpose,” “Universal,” “Multi-Vehicle” and others that can be interpreted by a consumer to mean it’s appropriate for use in virtually any vehicle.


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