UPDATE: Petromerica Motor Oils are API Licensed

The president of US Global Petroleum (USGP), Dean Mohammad contacted PQIA today to advise that its Petromerica brand of motor oils are currently API licensed. Whereas the brand did not appear on the API list of licensed products at the time PQIA reported on the labeling issue, they in fact now are, along with a number of other brands produced and marketed by US Global Petroleum that have been licensed for years.

Click for list of USGP motor oils licensed by the API.

According to Mohammad, the reason Petromerica was not on the API list at the time PQIA looked at them is because US Global Petroleum acquired the brand from Great Lakes Lubricants in March 2019. Although the brand was licensed under Great Lakes, that license expired on March 31, 2019. This resulted in 15-day lapse while API was processing the USGP licensing of the Petromerica brand.

Note: USGP provided PQIA a copy of the Great Lakes license which expired on March 31, 2019.


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