Getting Up to Speed on the New Passenger Car Motor Oil Specifications

Beginning on May 1, 2020, new performance specifications will start to appear on the labels of passenger car motor oil. The new specifications include International Lubricant Specification Advisory Committee (ILSAC) GF-6A, GF-6B, and the API SP. Motor oils meeting these specifications provide improvements over the previous in the areas of fuel economy and fuel economy retention, emission system compatibility, and wear protection.

Understanding PQIA’s reach in getting the word out about motor oil related issues, Phillips 66, a long-time supporter of PQIA, reached out to us suggesting we include its series of educational videos about GF-6 on the PQIA website.

Dr. Scott McQueen, Manager, Lubricants Research and Product Management for Phillips 66, says the videos were produced by Phillips 66 for installers and others in the field needing a quick way to get their team up to speed on GF-6. To this, Dr. McQueen added, “We feel education is critical as it pertains to the oil standards and what they mean for our customers and end consumers. Significant technology goes into formulating engine oils that protect and maximize the performance of the engines OEMs are manufacturing today. As a supporter of PQIA, oil quality and correct licensing are important to Phillips 66 and our industry.”

PQIA encourages consumers to view the videos to learn more about the new passenger car motor oil specifications and what they mean. Because motor oils are not all the same, and using the wrong motor oil in a vehicle can void its warranty and potentially cause harm, it’s crucial to be up to speed on API specifications.


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