Lyden Oil Company Approved as a PQIA Certified Motor Oil Supplier

The Petroleum Quality Institute of America (PQIA), an independent organization with a mission to serve consumers of lubricants by testing and reporting on the quality and integrity of lubricants in the marketplace, today announced that Lyden Oil Company has successfully passed the rigorous PQIA Motor Oil Certification process, and is now a PQIA Certified Motor Oil Supplier. 

“Lyden Oil Company is proud to be among the few organizations meeting the PQIA certification standards and we consider this a great achievement,” said Paul Lyden, Executive Vice President of Lyden Oil Company.  “For over 100 years, we have been delivering quality products at competitive prices with excellent service to our customers, and we believe that this certification further demonstrates our commitment to quality.  Our dedicated employees have made it possible for us to achieve this goal, and we thank them for their hard work.”

To obtain certification, lubricant suppliers and marketers must demonstrate their commitment to quality in raw materials (i.e. base oils, additives), blending practices and procedures, quality control and batch testing, product trace codes, sample retains, labeling, packaging, shipping, licensing and approvals, and finished product quality. In addition, the PQIA audit includes evaluation of the quality management systems and management system documentation review.

Thomas F. Glenn, President of PQIA, says, “Following an extensive audit of Lyden Oil’s facilities in Youngstown, OH and Lansing, MI, and reviewing test results on random samples of bulk from each location, including Lyden’s private label brand PROGUARD®, PQIA is pleased to announce that Lyden Oil is now a PQIA Certified Motor Oil Supplier. Lyden’s commitment to quality was evident during and after our audits, as was its management team’s commitment to stewarding its quality process through Lyden’s 4th generation in business.”  

The PQIA Certification Program is structured to help assure lubricant manufacturers and distributors meet PQIA’s standards, the requirements set forth by the American Petroleum Institute (API), the American Chemistry Council (ACC), and government regulations (NIST HB130), as they pertain to the manufacturing, marketing and labeling of motor oils. In addition to determining if products are made right, Glenn says, “The PQIA Certification Program is intended to help assure the products made are right for consumers. This means the lubricants meet claimed specifications, are not labeled deceptively, they display appropriate API Service Symbols and/or Certification Marks.”

About Lyden Oil

Lyden Oil Company is a fourth-generation, family-owned and operated business committed to the communities it serves. Brothers Breen P. and Paul A. Lyden serve as President/CEO and Vice President. Lyden has locations in Youngstown, OH; Walbridge, OH; Massillon, OH; Lansing, MI and Shelby Township, MI. Its delivery area includes Ohio, Michigan, western Pennsylvania, eastern Indiana, and northern West Virginia. The company specializes in bulk industrial, automotive, commercial, agricultural and food-grade lubricants. In addition, Lyden sells and services the equipment for storing and using its products. Lyden carries full product lines from many different major brands, as well as its own brand, PROGUARD®.

 About PQIA

The Petroleum Quality Institute of America (PQIA) conducts independent testing of consumer, commercial, and industrial lubricants. PQIA’s mission is to serve the consumer of lubricants by testing and reporting on the quality and integrity of lubricants in the marketplace. It is expected that this improved visibility of quality will lead to wider conformance by lubricant manufacturers to specification and performance claims.


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