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April 22, 2015

KIYC Oil changers

Walt Kane from News12 New Jersey television aired several ground breaking stories in 2014 about the quality of packaged motor oils on retail shelves in New Jersey (one segment is up for an Emmy!). These stories certainly got the attention of consumers and state officials. In fact, action was taken by the State of NJ following Kane’s investigation to protect consumers in the state from potentially engine damaging motor oils (see products banned from sale in NJ).

But Kane Didn’t Stop there.


Kane Didnt stop there

Thomas Glenn, President of PQIA Discussing the Issues with Walt Kane, News12 New Jersey

While  the efforts of News12 NJ and the State of NJ made significant strides to protect consumers from harmful motor oils on retail shelves, Kane in Your Corner (KIYC) stayed in the corner of NJ consumers when it decided to dig deeper by taking a look at motor oils installed in vehicles at fast lubes, repair shops and others that change oil for a fee. In doing so, KIYC had its oil changed at seven locations in New Jersey. Samples of the oil used in the change were sent to an independent laboratory and KIYC turned to PQIA for an assessment of the results. The findings of the KIYC investigation are eye opening.

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The New York Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences honored News12 New Jersey with 10 New York Emmy® Award nominations. One is for the excellent investigative reporting by News12’s Walt Kane (Kane in Your Corner) on “Bad Motor Oils Exposed.” News12 was the first station in the country to tackle this important issue.

With the assistance of the Petroleum WaltKaneClipQuality Institute of America (PQIA), Walt Kane shined a bright light on the serious issue of Bad Motor Oils sold in the state of NJ, some so bad they can cause serious harm to engines. And according to Thomas F. Glenn, president of PQIA, the story goes well beyond the state of NJ. “We have found, and unfortunately continue to find, motor oils with serious deficiencies on the shelves in many other states. With that, we appreciate the excellent work News12’s Walt Kane did to raise awareness about these issues,” says Glenn.

According to Glenn, “Kane’s story not only got the eyes and ears of News12 viewers, but it also got the attention of the NJ Department of Consumer Affairs.” Following the News12 story, the state of NJ conducted a comprehensive investigation of its own to assess the quality of motor oils sold in the state. From this, the State of NJ banned the sale of 19 motor brands.  PQIA applauds the action taken by NJ Department of Consumer Affairs to protect its consumers from harmful motor oils.

The 2015 Emmy® Awards will be presented on Saturday, May 2, 2015 at The Marriott Marquee Times Square in New York City. 

 May 9, 2014

KIYCBadOilOnShelvesNews12 New Jersey – Kane In Your Corner, in cooperation with PQIA, ran a three part investigative series exposing a serious issue all car owners should be aware of. That issue being dangerous motor oil for sale at gas stations and convenience stores; some of it was so contaminated that it could seriously damage a car or void its warranty.

MaxiGuard1040Now, five months later, a Kane In Your Corner investigation finds the brands that did worst in lab tests do not appear to have kept their promises to make things better. CLICK FOR MORE

MaxiGuard Motor Oil:  CONSUMER ALERT

CONSUMER ALERT: The label on the product tested shows “10-40”, implying that the oil is 10W-40 motor oil.  In fact, the viscosity for this product is 50% below the minimum requirements for 10W-40 oil.  In addition, the test results for this product show the oil lacks the critical additives necessary to protect engines from wear, sludge, rust, and corrosion, and contains high levels of potentially abrasive silicon.  Use of this oil will cause damage to automotive engines. It is also important to note that the bottle does not contain 1 quart/946 ML of motor oil. Instead, it contains approximately 825 milliliters. Whereas the volume in the bottle should be expressed in liquid measure, it displays content as dry weight of 740 grams.

Note: The Petroleum Quality Institute of America has issued several Consumer Alerts and “Don’t Buys”on the MaxiGuard brand highlighted in the Kane in Your Corner news segment. PQIA is pleased to hear the manufacturers of MaxiGuard motor oil, Bass Oil Chemical, have assured News12 NJ Kane in Your Corner they will address the issue and that they say the State of New York’s Department of Weights and Measures recently visited its facility to discuss the product.urers of MaxiGuard motor oil, Bass Oil Chemical, have assured News12 NJ Kane in Your Corner they will address the issue and that they say the State of New York’s Department of Weights and Measures recently visited its facility to discuss the product.


WaltKaneClipIn December 2013, News12 New Jersey, in cooperation with PQIA, ran a three part investigative series on a serious issue all car owners should be aware of bad engine oils in the market.

Four months after Kane In Your Corner investigation exposed harmful motor oil for sale in New Jersey, the bad brands are still on the market. CLICK FOR MORE


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