PQIA Issues Consumer Alerts on Two AntiFreeze/Coolant Samples

Two of the five coolant/antifreeze samples recently examined by PQIA fail to meet their label claims for freeze point protection.



Polar Zone: Test results on the sample of Polar Zone examined has a freeze point of -2.2°F. This freeze point is above the labeled claim stating “Protects to -20°F,” and well above the industry standard of -33.5°F. In addition, the pH at 12.12 is 1.12 higher than required to meet the ASTM D-3306 specification.



Super XXX: The freeze point of the product tested is -15°F. This is higher than the product’s labeled claim of -34°F and is higher than the industry standard of -33.5°F. The test results are not consistent with a new coolant based on the standard specifications stated in ASTM D-3306 and ASTM D-4985. The level of degradation acids (glycolate and formate) in the sample tested are unusually high. In addition, the concentration of chloride is 228% higher than the maximum level of 25mg/L as  stated in ASTM D-3306 and ASTM D-4985 for a new coolant.

Antifreeze/coolants recently tested by PQIA that are consistent with the labeled claims:

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Note: Major Brands Oil Company contacted PQIA saying that the results of the tests conducted on its product in 2015 were not reflective of the company’s current quality and encouraged PQIA to proactively test its Performance Antifreeze & Coolant currently in the market. PQIA did so and purchased products from two locations in Michigan. Click Performance jugs above for test results on the samples.


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