Five More Samples From the Midwest-Consumer Alert Issued on One

PQIA examines five more motor oil samples purchased in the midwest and issues a Consumer Alert on one and an Advisory on another. Cautions consumer not to Buy SUPER XXX Platinum 10W30. 



Consumer Alert: A Consumer Alert is issued on SUPER XXX Platinum “10W30 API SM/GF-3” manufactured by Chi-Town Lubricants located in Dolton, IL. The results of the tests conducted on the sample DO NOT meet the SAE J300 specifications for an SAE 10W-30 viscosity grade, and ARE NOT consistent with the referenced API SM Service Category. Use of this product in automobile engines may cause harm to most vehicles currently on the road. CLICK FOR DETAILS






Advisory: An Advisory is issued on PolyGUARD All Season 5W-30 API SF/CC manufactured in PolyGuard Products Division located in Medina, MN. The reason for the Advisory is that the product is labeled as meeting an OBSOLETE API Service Category (SF/CC) and the labels fail to give consumers adequate warning about its potential harm to more modern engines. With regards to the API SF Service Category, the API states: “CAUTION: Not suitable for use in most gasoline-powered automotive engines built after 1988. May not provide adequate protection against build-up of engine sludge.” CLICK FOR DETAILS


Other motor oils examined in the most recent round of samples from the mid-west region are shown below:

Click bottles for test results and PQIA assessments

vantage5w30frontfinished everest10w30frontfinished midwestguard5w30frontfinished
 Vantage Everest  MidWest Guard


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